“Back to School” in Our Library/Infusion Room


Fall is here, and there’s cause for celebration. As the federal government fiscal year winds down and schedules become more structured, there is a citywide return to business. Many college and graduate students have just arrived back in town for another incredible year in DC, there’s a return to comfort food and serious drinks. Conveniently located near K Street and the DC Convention Center, LINCOLN Restaurant offers a fresh bar program featuring the best in fresh local produce, house and locally crafted spirits. We’re the perfect compliment to your Fall routine!

According to CityEats, once bartenders infuse their own spirits (as we do in our “Library”), they rarely turn back because the quality is so much better. The mixologists at LINCOLN are working tirelessly to create the best-tasting spirits in town. See our Bar Book for the full rundown of what’s fresh and on tap now.

infusion-room3Bookworms and librarians everywhere, rejoice: LINCOLN was featured in Jaime Joyce’s new book “Moonshine: A Cultural History of America’s Infamous Liquor”, which provides a pretty comprehensive history of the formerly illicit beverage, from its Smoky Mountain roots through the Prohibition, its connections with NASCAR and the mafia.

Won’t you come taste for yourself? Our Happy Hour is now running weekdays from 4-7pm. Let our bartenders school you tonight!