Rachel Sergi: A Thrillist “DC Female Bartender You Need to Know”

We are so pleased that LINCOLN’s own Rachel Sergi was included among “DC Female Bartenders You Need to Know” by Thrillist. Thanks for the press!


Image courtesy Thrillist.com

Bartending for 18 years, Rachel is respected in the industry and well-loved by clientele for her ability to continually create cocktail menus that wow patrons. Her ability to serve as a mentor to aspiring cocktail artisans has earned her much recognition. Last year she was named among the Top 10 DC Craft Cocktail Bartenders by Scofflaw’s Den.

Thrillist points to Sergi’s talent with beer cocktails and mojitos, and her love of her on-the-move DC clientele. “There are so many different types of people here, and there’s always a new face, a new person, to engage with coming into your bar.” Other loves: her pit bull Freddie Mercury, and Smirnoff Ice.

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