It's On: The LINCOLN Cocktail Voter Poll

As announced in Details this week, previously on our Blog, in CraveLocal and Chilled Magazine, on Patriot Day The Bar @ LINCOLN officially kicked off the LINCOLN Cocktail Voter Poll … the Donkey started out in the lead, but the Elephant is closing the gap! (Photo below last updated 9/18/12).

The poll is ongoing and The Bar @ LINCOLN, home of DC’s Best Happy Hour (7 Days 4pm-7pm). We invite you to join in! Grab your friends and help us predict the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election.  The Elephant and The Donkey are both available daily after 4pm for $11. We are keeping track of the cocktails sold on our official blackboard at the bar (shown above), or you can follow our tally – we’ll be updating results every Friday on Facebook and Twitter (click the links to Follow Us).

The poll will end with on Tuesday November 6, 2012 with our Election Night party featuring the favorite foods of both of the candidates (Demetrio Zavala and the rest of the team at LINCOLN are still working out menu details, but we’ve read that Romney enjoys grilled-chicken sandwiches and Obama loves a bowl of chili). Be sure to vote on Election Day, then head on over.

Until then, show your support by participating in our Cocktail Voter Poll. Every vote counts!