Lincoln to Remove Almost $10,000 Worth of Pennies

Right after Labor Day, we will be saying goodbye to our Penny Floor, currently made up of almost 1 million pennies.


Our floor, created in collaboration with local artist Maggie O’Neill, has been a favorite by guests from all around the world ever since our 2011 opening. Due to its popularity and in spirit of honoring Abraham Lincoln, we have decided to include pennies in the new floor as well.

While it may not be $10,000 worth, our new floor will contain 2016-minted pennies embedded in domestic white oak. This style of wood flooring is inspired by Lincoln’s involvement in the US railroad system and will once again be made with O’Neill along with Swatchroom.

As mentioned in Washingtonian’s recent article, we are going to try to salvage some of the pennies that were part of the flooring. Who says you can’t pay bills using thousands of pennies?  samhurd-shannon-christian2

In addition to the floor renovation, we will also be restoring our dining room chairs and tables. The ladies bathroom, shelving units, lighting, and flooring of the Emancipation Room will also be updated as part of the $200,000 renovation project.

Due to these renovations, we will be closed from Monday, September 5th through Friday September 9th. Use this as an opportunity to visit one of our sister establishments Teddy & the Bully Bar in Dupont Circle, or Declaration in North End Shaw. Both also feature Summer dishes from Corporate Executive Chef Demetrio Zavala!