OnTap Magazine Names LINCOLN Among DC’s Most Innovative Restaurant & Bar Interiors

OnTap Magazine interviewed local DC artist Maggie O’Neill, cofounder of Swatchroom and designer of LINCOLN’s interior space, on how she achieved such a unique look and feel for our Penn Quarter restaurant. “Interiors of DC restaurants are becoming increasingly customized and intentional,” reports the magazine.

OnTap reports that O’Neill considered every single aspect of your experience in the LINCOLN space, from how you enter the restaurant, to the way diners and servers circulate through the room, to lighting, to creating original art for us and the weight of the cutlery in your hand.

It’s true: we won Restaurant Design of the Year in 2011 and continue to innovate our interior to keep it exciting, fresh, and reflective of the spirit of our namesake. Whether you’re a history buff, a policy wonk, a college student finishing your first Political Science Class, a tourist visiting our nation’s capital or just want a fun place to unwind after a full day on K Street or Capitol Hill, LINCOLN pulls it all together. Our original pop-art, reclaimed barnwood, back-lit Emancipation Proclamation and penny-encrusted bar mean you’ll never lack for things to look at, or lively dinnertime conversation.

Thanks for the press! Read the full OnTap article here.