Our Election Food & Drinks Featured Across the Country

Sometimes we may forget just how politically-minded people are here in Washington, D.C. and that not all of our metropolitan counterparts across the country go all-out the way we do here. We were recently filmed by CNN NewSource, which broadcasts to news channels across the country. We showed viewers our most recent Election Season food & drink specials!


Learn some of the characteristics and flavor profiles of Trump Tower and Hillary’s Inbox, as described by our Bar Manager herself, Erin Ivey, who created the cocktails along with Teddy & the Bully Bar’s Bar Manager. As you know, our Bar team is composed of some of the city’s most accomplished mixologists!


Next, head over to the kitchen, where you can learn what’s in our delicious apps that we’ve featured in our Debate Parties so far. How did Chef choose them? They feature some of the candidates’ favorite foods! A spicy mayo for the Clinton BBQ Sliders, as Hillary enjoys spicy foods, and steak with potatoes for Donald’s Trump Steak Bites. Watch Corporate Executive Chef Demetrio Zavala put on the finishing touches!

We have been so glad to be able to share our exciting and creative food and drink specials with viewers across the country! It sure is thrilling being in our Nation’s capital during the Election Season. Stay tuned for more TV & internet features as Election Day gets closer and closer!