Spring Menus are Here!

Chef Zavala is pulling out all the stops for LINCOLN Restaurant DC’s all-new spring menus. Celebrate this amazing weather with our farm-to-table goodness, prepared with care and served creatively! Enjoy al fresco and eat and drink on our patio. Aaah, spring!

The menus have a beautiful new look and all-new offerings featuring the best seasonal fare available, but there were a few winter favorites that we decided to keep, including the Crab Louie pictured below. YUM.

LINCOLN Restaurant supports local farms, and the eat local movement. Come on in to LINCOLN in the heart of Northwest Washington, DC for all the delicious flavors of Spring, and to enjoy all that our local farms have to offer.

LINCOLN’s seasonal menu showcases simplistic market fresh dishes crafted from fresh ingredients supplied by local farmers, daily seafood catches by local fishermen, and artisan meat from ranchers around the region.

See all of our Spring Menus here. Make your reservation to enjoy all the spring menu goodness by calling 202 386-9200 or via Open Table today.