Alan Popovsky, Blog, Join Us

Come Check Out Our Penny Floor: Alan Popovsky on the Future of the Penny

Come Check Out Our Penny Floor: Alan Popovsky on the Future of the Penny

Alan Popovsky, Blog, Join Us

“I know they’re talking about eliminating the penny but, I don’t know – that seems so un-American to me,” Popovsky said in a recent interview with ABC news. “It would tarnish – no pun intended – the legacy a little bit.”

If you’ve been here, you know – most of the floor at LINCOLN is paved in pennies – more than a million, which works out to about $10,000 in coins glued to our floor. Our penny floor is one of the most striking features of our restaurant. Eliminating the penny from circulation, however, would actually make LINCOLN worth more.

Popovsky said that he and designer Maggie O’Neill knew LINCOLN’s penny floor would be expensive.

“The actual installation was more than it would be for a standard tile floor – three times as much,” he said.

“I would like them to not get rid of the penny because we need them sometimes to repair the floor,” Popovsky joked.

We loved that one couple incorporated “lucky pennies” as a theme for their LINCOLN wedding, from oversized chocolate pennies on the reception tables to the groom’s cuff links. (Of course, LINCOLN’s 1 million penny floor provided the perfect backdrop!) Photography by Sam Hurd Photography.

Image by Sam Hurd Photography.

Read the full feature on whether or not the penny makes “cents” here.

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