LINCOLN’s seasonal menu showcases simplistic market fresh dishes by Chef Demetrio Zavala crafted from fresh ingredients supplied by local farmers, daily seafood catches by local fishermen, and artisanal meat from ranchers around the region. Our Chef includes many nods to Abraham Lincoln’s favorite foods including oysters, gingerbread and chicken fricassee.


Master mixologist John Hogan created one of the city’s most distinctive and fresh bar programs completely around the restaurant’s artistic concept. From the unique Mason jars featuring infused bourbons to the city’s first moonshine list all served in antique style copper cups, each hand-crafted drink truly reflects the simple values and tastes of an era that evoked change.


Hometown artist Maggie O’Neill’s design for LINCOLN restaurant was recognized by DC Modern Luxury Magazine as the Best New Restaurant Design of 2011. The interior includes original paintings and works of art influenced by some of our most iconic American Pop artists. Challenging the boundaries of design. When the doors opened in 2011, O’Neill incorporated over one million pennies into the spectacular tiled floor that is the centrepiece of the restaurant’s design–a feat never before attempted at this grand of a scale in the United States. In 2016, a new 10,000 Penny and Wood Floor was installed. From the striking Jasper Johns-esque American flag mural on the wall to the reconditioned antique wood floors from barns in New England to a custom oversized white leather chair inspired by Lincoln’s seat at his memorial, O’Neill has translated Popovsky’s creative vision into a stunning reality.

Even in a political town, there are some things everyone can agree on. LINCOLN is an expression of artistic collaboration in gastronomy, mixology & design. Politics aside we think you’ll agree: LINCOLN is an experience like no other.


Whether you’re a history buff, a policy wonk, a college student finishing your first Political Science class, a tourist visiting our nation’s capital or just want a fun place to unwind after a full day on K Street or Capitol Hill, LINCOLN pulls it all together. Our original pop-art by DC’s Maggie O’Neill, reclaimed barnwood, back-lit Emancipation Proclamation and 1 million penny floor mean you’ll never lack for interesting things to look at or talk about. We’re also one of the best date spots in DC, a romantic restaurant where lively dinnertime conversations accompany your meal.

We are a destination for stylish private dining, private parties, group events, wedding receptions, corporate events and rehearsal dinners. Our experienced team will make your next party or private event something to talk about! Or bookend a fabulous weekend with our award-winning, all-you-can-eat Sunday Brunch, voted Best Brunch for Groups by Bitches Who Brunch – these ladies know brunch in DC!


Eating local has never been more fun. Savor our seasonal American small plate menu crafted from fresh, local ingredients. Our menus feature the very best sustainable fish and certified humane meat, eggs and the freshest produce from local farms – what could be more American? LINCOLN features local and regional farmers, foragers and purveyors including: Blue Moon Acres, Chefs Garden, Pekin Paradise, Creekstone Farms, Chapel Creamery, Trickling Springs Dairy, FireFly Farms, Kreider Farms, Tuscarora Organic Growers, Path Valley Farm Coop, Allen Brothers Beef, Irwin Mushrooms, Chesapeake Greenhouse, Fifer Orchards, Richardson Farms, and Scott Farms.


Take a peek inside the Washington, DC restaurant as proprietor Alan Popovsky shows off LINCOLN’s penny-covered floor, antique New England barn wood, “Abraham Lincoln” chair, vodka infusion room, LED-lit emancipation proclamation, bottle chandeliers, and more original artwork.

Check out our Menus and see how Executive Chef Demetrio Zavala is skillfully crafting one-of-a-kind dishes that pay homage to our 16th President – from the very best seasonal, sustainable locally-grown and humane ingredients. All that fresh, wonderful produce in our kitchen is calling you!


Don’t take our word for it: learn more about LINCOLN on our Press Page.